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Update 2/27/11

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Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

I think my funny bone is broken.  I have not really been noticing much funny around me lately.  But then again that might be because I am too busy to notice.  I have been cleaning, playing with my son, worming on my computer and so many other things.  The time seems to just fly away.

I say I have been cleaning.  Really it is more like cleaning out stuff.  Just stuff that has been sitting around so long there is no point to keep it since nobody ever uses it.  I have a 22in LCD computer screen that went out quite a few months ago.  I kept meaning to open it up and see if it was just a build up of dust.  But never got around to it.  I was about ready to toss it out after I opened it up at last and found no dust.  But I studied online and found I can fix the problem myself for an $18 part!  I did a little happy dance when I read that.

Well I have some e-mails I need to reply to tonight before I go to bed.  My drive that the funny pictures are on is not plugged in.  So I bring you the first youtube pick, hope you enjoy. Click the link Microwave cell phone

Update 02/25/11

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Man my life has been so hectic lately.  I am sorry if I am behind just a little on the blob.  I have still been sorting pictures, so don’t feel like I am not working on the site.  But maybe you wonder why my life is so hectic.  Well in one week I go do my first paid computer work.  I am actually trading my computer skills to a vet to get my 2 new cats neutered.  So I have been studying a little about what she needs done.  One of the things is a old laptop fixed so I have been studying that particular laptop online.

So, nothing too funny going on.  But hopfully my next post will be funnier.

I will include the normal picture.  I decided to include something a little bit odd.  Then I investigated the picture more and found out it was even odder then I could have thought.

Real computer mouse

What makes this one so odd, besides the obvious?  Well how about the fact that there is a step by step guide online to make this yourself.  Before you click the link please realize that this is in fact a real mouse.!/

Update 2/22/11

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Laughmaster’s blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Hello boys and girls.  This is going to be a very short update.  It is time for bed and I just got done writing an e-mail that took me way longer that I had planed.  I will write another update on Wednesday to make up for this one.  But I wanted to let everyone know I had nor forgotten about you.

My family recently got two 3 month old kittens.  They are both males so we would like to get them neutered.  Cost is a factor for us but I was able to find a vet near us that is willing to trade two free neuters for some computer work I will be doing for her business.  So I took a moment today to explain to our 6 year old son that the cats were going to be getting neutered soon and explained what that was.

It was quite interesting to explain to him exactly what neutering was.  Should have seen his face when I told them what was removed when an animal is neutered. lol.  But I am a testicular cancer survivor myself so I took the moment to explain that to him and said that in a way I have been half neutered. lol

Well that is all for today folks.  I am also sorry but there will be no funny picture posted today.  I just really need to get to bed.  I hope everyone stays safe and has a great week.

Update 2/19/11

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Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

Well I do not really have anything funny to talk about today but I do still have two things I would like to bring to your attention.  The first one is a website at  Have you ever had to pay a deposit to get your power hooked up, or maybe had a stock option at a company you worked for?  Well if you have ever had these types of things or something else and forgot to get your money back then this is a great site to find it again.  Sofar I have found money listed for 2 of my close friends and 2 family members.  All you have to do is enter your name and state you live in and it will search its database for you.  I think it sure is worth checking out.

Now the other site is It is a site somewhat simular to  You can post stuff you are trying to get rid of or post for stuff you want to find.  But the condition is that everything is free.  Sofar I have gotten a 160gig factory sealed hard drive for my desktop computer that has been having a lot of problems that I think I have narrowed down to a faulty hard drive.  I have also gotten a laptop computer that I think is in perfect working order except that power supply is fried and it will only cost my $9.95 to get a new one of those.

If you find any money via then please feel to donate half of it to

I am sorry but I will not be posting a picture today.  I am working on backing up most of my computer and things are moving along too slow to look for a picture right now.  I will try to make up for it next time with two pictures.

Update 2/16/11

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Well I do not have much to share today.  I was not able to get a lot of sorting of the pictures done because I have not been feeling very well plus I had cleaning that needed to get done  But I do have one thing to write about tonight.  I tried a little experiment on craigslist the other day and it turned out a lot different then I thought it would.  I made a post in the lost and found section and expected to get a lot of e-mails claiming the item.  The post reads as follows.

“Yesterday on February 14th while walking though the St.Cloud state university area I found an I-pod touch. It appears to be a 60 gig, with some sort of red felt slipcover and a creepy looking severed head type of charm hanging on the slipcover. It contains mostly country music from what I can tell. I did not want to snoop though your files too much. Please e-mail me to claim it. I am willing to drive it to you. However in the e-mail you have to tell me what color the slipcover is in order to prove it is yours. I really would like to get this item back to its proper owner.”

Now yes it asks that the owner IDs the I-pod by telling me what color the slipcover is and I say what color it is in the post.  I was expecting a big turn out of people claiming it was theirs.  But in two days I have only gotten two replies and both were people pointing out that I said what the color is.  Kind of makes you feel a bit better about humanity I guess.

Well I really would like to write more but I am feeling quite ill here looking at the computer screen.  (As a matter of fact in the middle of writing that last line I had to run to the bathroom.)

Funny burnt out hotel sign

Update 2/14/11

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Laughmaster’s B.L.O.B (Big Load Of Babble)

Hello again.  Can you believe this?  Two blobs in two days.  I felt I owed it to all of you since I have been a little lax in my posting lately.  Today I want to talk to you about why some people do the things they do.  Unfortunately I only have two examples, I am sure I will come up with more as soon as I publish this post.  But here we go.  Have you ever checked out craigs list for something?  It does not matter what category you looked at really, this happens all over craigs list.  Someone writes out their post for their great grandfathers urn or whatever they are selling.  Then at the end they make sure to add in there that you should not e-mail them spam.  Why?  I mean do they really think that this will stop the spam?  Do they think that spamers are really going to stop and say to themselves “Oh wait, this person said to not send them spam”.  No it is not going to happen.  Heck most of the time the spamers do not even see your post.  They use programs that go on craigslist and harvest the e-mail address for them.  So this is just stupid to add that to your post.  So stop it!

Now the second thing I want to talk about is something we say.  I admit I used to do this too until I really thought about it.  Here is how it goes.  You lose your keys.  So you start to tear apart your home while searching for them.  Then after 3 hours you finally realize that as some sort of sick feline humor your cat buried them in the litter box.  Then you say outloud “huh, it is always the last place you look”.  Isn’t this just too obvious?  I mean if it was not in the last place you looked then that would have to mean that you kept looking after you already found them.  So next time you are searching for something, after you find it keep searching one more spot.  Then you can say that you found it in the second to last place you looked.  It will confuse people.

OK, I guess I have one more thing to share today.  The statement about confusing people reminded me about it.  First I need to tell you that I am a huge animal lover and even run a website based on the proper care of all household pets.  I also need to tell you that I am the type of person who sometimes likes to mess with people minds for my own twisted amusement.  With those things being said I will tell you what I wanted to do.  Lately I have seen a lot of ads on craigslist for free cats.  I told my fiance that I wanted to e-mail one of the people and inquire about the cats.  The main part of the e-mail would say something like this.

“Hello, I am writing to you about the ad you placed on craigslist about the free cat.  I am very interested.  However I have one small request.  Would it be posiable for you to weigh the cat and tell me how big the cat is.  The recipe I have requires a certain amount.  I hope to hear from you soon.”

My fiance laughed at me but told me I could not do it.  I just could not resist it.  I sent out the e-mail right before writing this post.  We will see what kind of reply I get, if any.

Edit* Right after finishing the post I checked my e-mail and had a reply.  It simply said “you can not eat the cats”.  I felt that the person deserved a reply so I replied with “Well I certainly can eat the cats.  What you mean to say is that you will not allow me to eat your cats.  But that is OK there are tons of ads on craigslist.  Thank you for your time.”  I will reply again tomorrow and let them know it was all just a joke.

Edit again* I got a reply again almost instantly.  The reply said..and I quote “You are fkg crazy”  Again I thought they deserved a reply.  So here is what I sent. “No, not crazy.  Just willing to expand and entertain my tastbuds.

OK I have to admit that this e-mail was a joke for my blog.  Sorry that you ended up being the butt of the joke.  Thank you for your time again and once again I am sorry.  I love animals.”

Now for the picture and again this is sort of a random picture form my collection.

Cute picture of a rabbit

Update 2/14/11

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Laughmaster’s B.L.O.B. (Big Load Of Babble)

I see that yet again I am a bit late on my update today.  Well this time I have a truly legit reason.  The other site I run at got hacked!  Can you believe that?  Well it is true.  Someone running some sort of program downloaded my site, changed the homepage to contain 2500 (Two thousand five freaking hundred!) links to various porn sites and then uploaded the homepage again.  They did all of this within 12 seconds I am told by my host.  Now honestly this would not have been too big of a deal because they were added to the homepage so people would not see them.  The only thing that would see the links would be search engines indexing my site for searches.  Now this would be a bad thing, but not as bad as having 2500 porn links on my site for people to see.  But…yes there is a “but”, somehow these 2,500 porn links messed up my site so bad that my members were unable to log in.  I still find it odd that I could log in, but nobody else could.  Well this is slowly being fixed.  I say “slowly” because I can only move so fast.  Actually I think that everything is fine now.  I know my members can once again log in and everything seems calm.  But now I have the fun task of going through the rest of the site to make sure they did not touch anything else.

Now I tried to find some funny picture to go with my little rant but I could not.  So I am picking some random image from my stockpile and sharing it with you tonight with no tie-in in any way.

Funny image of a cat wearing a Kermit the frog hat.

Update 2/10/11

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Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

Hello there.  I actually had one of my readers (perhaps my only reader) comment to me today about how I had not update the site on time.  I am sorry about that.  I have been quite busy with my sick son and also with a few other things.   So I apologize.   I had already planed on writing an update tonight, but the comment from my reader just reinforced that.  I do not have much to talk about tonight honestly and am going to skip right to the picture.  But then time I have a few questions about the picture afterwords.

Custom truck with 10 doors

OK here we go.  So why do people make stuff like this?  Is it to find out if it can be done?  Because some other redneck already proved that before.  Also can you imagine this truck in  high speed chase or something?  “Yes, I am in pursuit of a 10 door chvrolordoge truck”. That brings me to my last point.  This could not have been too cheap to make, right?  Could you not afford at least a couple of cans of spray paint to make it all one solid color?

Update 2/7/11

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Laughmaster’s B.L.O.B (Big Load Of Babble)

Well I decided to take a short break from sorting pictures tonight to write to all my fans, yup both of you.  I am working on sorting the category of “people are strange” into sub-categories.  This is actually proving to be a bit harder then I had thought.  I ended up with over 1,100 images in that category and that is why it needs further sorting.  But it is becoming quite hard to come up with proper sub-category names that the images will fit into.  This is because there is just such a huge variety of strange people out there.  I hope what I just said makes sense, to be honest I am starting to get quite tired.

I have decided to share something with all of you tonight.  Someone I know has offered to make some graphics for this site.  The first and most important one they have made is the banner for the site.  This is just the first draft of it and there may be changes to it.  But I think it is quite good and worth sharing with you tonight.  However if you see anything that you think should be changed or improved upon then please let me know.

Banner advertisment for

Update 2/6/11

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Laughmaster’s B.L.O.B. (Big Load Of Babble)

Well hello to all of you.  Or at this stage of the site should I simply say “hello to both of you”?  As you can already see there is something different about the update.  I have decided that I do not want to have a blog.  I mean everyone and their mother has a blog. (as a matter of fact my own mom is working on developing one herself. lol)  So I have decided to rename mine a “blob” and as you can see that stands for “Big Load Of Babble”.  Because if you boil it down, that is all this is.  Me babbling for a little while and then signing off.  So from this day forward my site updates will be known as blobs.

What I would like to talk to you about tonight is this.  Humor is all around us if you just open your eyes and look.  I have two examples for you.  Today I was at the grocery store and saw an advertisement for their dry cleaning services that read “Pants and skirts 15% off”.  I decided to come back when the skirts were 1/2 off, or perhaps even more!

The second example I wish I had a picture of for you.  But every time I drive by it I do not have my camera.  I will try to explain it the best I can.  In town here this is this big billboard and it recently changed to show a picture of a woman from the mid-chest up.  Sort of like a drivers license photo.  Then next to that is big letters that says “This one is available” and includes a phone number.  Now what this really is, is a picture of the broker trying to fill some ad space.  But I turned to my fiance and said “She must be really desperate for a date.”  Maybe you just had to be there to get the humor, but it’s there.

So as always I am including a image in the blob, but this time there is a short story to go with it.  We were sitting down to watch a family movie “the sword in the stone”.  It is a 1962 animated version of King Arthur.  Well at one point Merlyn the wizzard kept changing himself into different animals.  Now again, humor is everywhere.  At one point Merlyn changed himself into a squirrel and I could not help but see a squirrel version Jamie Hynaman from the TV series “Myth Busters”.  The Myth busters fans will see what I mean right away but for you people who do not know the show I will also include a picture of Mr. Hynaman himself.  Also for the Myth busters fans I will say that Merlyn once changed into a walrus and I said to my fiance “Come Silent Walrus and we will storm the castle”.  Like I said, that line is just for the Myth busters fans.  But here are the two pictures.  See if you see the similarity.

Image of Jamie Hynamen from Myth busters

Jamie Hynaman


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