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Update 3/28/11

Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Life update

Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

Well quite a while ago I said I was going to try to update this blob at least every other day.  I have been doing a very poor job of that and I am truly sorry.  So I will be trying harder.  I will also try harder to get some more content up on this site.  Perhaps within the next few days I will make the forums live.  That will at least be a start in the right direction and make it a bit easier if any of my readers want to communicate with each other or with me.

I do not really have anything to share today and I guess that is why I do not update the site as often as I should, because I do not always know what to talk about.  But I should try harder to come up with some funny stuff to share.  I suppose i do have one thing.  My fiance and i were watching a show called “American pickers”.  It is a show about a couple of antique dealers that basically drive around the country finding people who own a bunch of junk and they go through it looking for antiques and buy them off the owners.  Anyways, there was one person who you would almost say had a collection of buildings including an old time gas station on the property, a church, old school house and of all other things they had a “White castle” restaurant building!  I turned to my fiance and asked “Who the heck has a White castle building?”  With out missing a beat she simply replied with “White castle.”  Maybe it does not sound that funny and maybe you just had to be there.  But it is the best thing I have to share right now.

Now on with the picture.  Again it has to do with laundry.  I think laundry day is coming soon and once you see the picture you will know why.


Update 3/26/11

Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Life update

Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

Well I have been working very hard.  Unfortunately that work has not been on the website but rather on my laptop computer.  It went on the fritz about a week ago.  I think I have narrowed down what the problem is but I am having a hard time finding the right resources online to fix it.  Long story, I will not bore you with.

Tonight I am going in a different direction.  I am commenting on a story I just got done reading.  I am just going to boil it down for you so you do not need to read the whole thing.  Basically this funeral home in Texas expanded their building (you know everything is bigger in Texas).  The funeral home now contains its own flower shop, gift shop and starbucks coffee shop.  The flower shop I can understand.  I could comment on the starbucks coffee shop but I will leave that one alone for now.  But I have to admit that I want to see the gift shop this place has.  I mean what do you buy in a funeral home gift shop?  A t-shirt that says “I went to Uncle Henry’s funeral, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”?  I mean….huh?

The link to the news article is

I am sorry but I am not going to add a picture or video tonight.  I think this story is enough for tonight.

Update 3/20/11

Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Life update

Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

Well hello everyone. One of my readers (perhaps the only one) told me today that I needed to update the site. There is not much to update I suppose. Have I mentioned that I recently got a laptop? It was a non-working laptop when I got it. But what can I expect for free? But with a little soldering and tinkering it is working like new. Well hopefully this means that I will be getting more work done on the site. We can hope.

I would like to send out a very public HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom. 55 years ago the world got a very special gift that keeps on giving. She is turning 55 today (sorry I told your age Mom). I told her I was going to bake her a cake but I could not get a burn permit to light the candles.

Tonight I bring you two things. Not only am I including a funny picture (for my mother) but am including an interesting video. The video is made with two things called “Tesla coils” I am not going to go into the science of it but needless to say it is is pretty cool, well at least to a near like me.

First the video.

Now the picture for my Mother. Happy birthday again mom.
Image for my mother

Update 3/14/11

Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Life update

Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

I need to start taking notes during the day. I had a few things to talk about tonight and i have forgotten all of them. So this will simply be a life update. I wanted to share a success story I had recently. I had posted on a local and said that I was looking for an old or broken laptop. Well I managed to find just that. I met up with someone at a nearby McDonalds and they had a broken laptop they were willing to give me and all I had to do was retrieve some data from it for them. Well I pulled out the hard drive from the broken laptop and put it in an external case and hooked it up to their working laptop and transferred the data for them. Then I was able to keep the broken laptop. Well I had to take it completely apart and re-solder a part on the motherboard and then I had to attach a new plug onto the power cable and now it works as good as new. It was a very pleasant experience to go donate plasma today and be able to watch Myth busters on my computer. is international so check it out today. It is very much like craigslist but everything listed is free.

OK now I have another Laughmaster youtube pick for you tonight. Not much to say other then this is a very funny song and I think you should listen to it.

Update 3/10/11

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Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Well I know the site is getting more popular? Want to know how I know? Well it is quite simple. It is the amount of spam comments I get on the site. The strangest part is 95% of the spam comments on made on just one post I made on here. It is located in the funny news section and is labeled “Did Your Horoscope Predict This?“. What exactly is so special about this post?

Again I have nothing funny to share. I should be starting to post the pictures section soon. But I have been a little busy trying to fix some various computers including experimenting with fixing some laptops. Not that any of you really want to know about that. I promise next time I post I will come up with something much better to share.

Tonight I bring you another Laughmaster youtube pick. I am bringing this one to you because of my son. I was cruzing some videos with my 6 year old son and he just loves this one. Make sure your sound is on.

Update 3/6/11

Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Life update

Laughmaster’s BLOB Big Load Of Babble

Hmmm a little bit of humor going on here.  Or would you call it irony I suppose.  Well I am sorta trying to bill myself as a computer medic to a few people to try to earn a little extra cash.  Tonight my computer was down for several hours and the computer medic was about to call it D.O.A.  But luckily for the computer I am quite stubborn and kept hacking away at it.  Since I am here, that should show that I in fact managed to bring the computer back from the dead.  There might be a little brain damage, but we will see.  HEY!  I was talking about the computer, not me!

I apologize that I have not been updating the blob as often as I said I would.  I honestly do not have much of an excuse for that.  I have just been working on some side projects for the fun of it and it has taken over a little.  I do not want to disclose too many details here.  But once it is done I believe I will have been the first one to do it….as far as I can tell.  That kind of worries me.  Because I can not see why this has not been done before.  I feel like there has to be a reason…but it sure seems like it should work fine.

Tonight I am not bringing you a funny picture but yet another laughmaster youtube pick.  We all know what happens when you inhale helium, right?  You voice gets all high and funny sounding.  Well have you ever heard of “sulfur hexafluoride”?  Check out this clip from the show “Myth Busters” where Adam demonstrates the effects of both.


Update 3/1/11

Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Life update

Hello again everyone.  I thought of something really funny to share with you all tonight……and then I forgot what it was.  So I guess I need to come up with something else.  Well I wanted a picture to go along with this but I have not been able to get a picture but I guess I will tell you anyways.

So have you ever been in the drive-thru at say Mc.Donalds or something and you see a garbage can where it has kind of this ……oh heck just a moment and I will grab a picture from Google…….OK here we go.

Garbage can seen at a drive-thruAnyways.  One day my fiance and I were pulling up to a burger king quite some time ago and this type of garbage can was right before the area where you order your food.  But instead of pulling forward to the correct area my fiance started talking into the garbage can.  You kind of had to be there but it was quite funny and I still tease her about it.  We have told this story to two other people that live in our area and they admitted to doing the same thing before so I guess it is somewhat common.  But still funny.

Now for the funny picture.  I apologize if tonight’s picture causes any nightmares.  But I found it kinda funny.  We have all at some point seen a mounted deer head right?  Well how about a mounted deer head with the eyes and teeth of a coyote?  I enjoy things that are a bit…different I guess.

Nighmare deer


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