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Update 4/27/11

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Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Hello all.  I just wanted to give everything that some time with in the next couple of days the site will be coming down for maintenance and upgrades.  You will know when this is happening because you will see the maintenance page.  That page will have more details as to when the site should be back up.  The site should not be down for more then 2 days.  I am not in a huge rush because of the fact that this site is not that popular yet, so it is not like I will be missing out on a ton of traffic or anything.

Just thought I would try to keep all of you updated on what will be happening.  I have not forgotten about the forums, it is just that I got inspired to do something else.  Sorry about that.  But the forums are coming soon.


Update 4/25/11

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Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

Well again I do not have much to report.  However I just had to share this video with you.  I have experimented with video editing and have always enjoyed editing sound clips.  Well this person has combined these two enjoyable hobbies.  I have to say I am completely impressed with this work.  I am have never subscribed to a youtube channel but I have done so now.  What this person does is takes videos of animals that either they find on the net or are sent into them by the subscribers.  Then they add voice over sound effects.  Now I knew I had come across something special when the camera got closer to the animal and the voice got louder and you could hear it sniffing the camera (both were effects).  I guess you really need to see his work to appreciate it.  I know this is the wrong time of year for this video.  But today…I bring you……Jingle bells!

Update 4/23/11

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Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

Well I thought I should publish an Easter issue for you all.  Not too much to report.  But I wanted to write to wish you all a happy Easter.  My son is getting home on Sunday after being gone a few days to my parents.  I made sure to pick up the Easter supplies.  But instead of just Candy I wanted to get home something else too.  So I figured perhaps a book would be a good idea.  I thought I would share with you all, what book I picked up for him.  I figured this was perfect since he is such an animal lover.

Update 4/18/11

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Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

Well I feel sort of bad tonight.  I just got done replying to an e-mail my mom wrote to me.  I answered one question in her e-mail but also said that I did not feel like writing tonight and then left the e-mail at that.  Then here I am am writing this.  But I guess in reality I just do not feel like writing to anyone I know.

Again I said I was going to do something on the site and I failed.  I know I said I was going to get the forums up and I did not do it.  But i have been having a lot going on with odd health problems and so forth.   So in other words I have had more pressing matters.  But I will try to get the ball rolling on this gain very soon.

Todays picture is quite odd if you ask me.  I am sure you have all heard of a “dream catcher”  Well how about a “Bacon and eggs” dream catcher?

Bacon catcher

But todays picture has a catch.  Not only am I supplying you with this picture but I will supply you with a link to a site where you can learn to make your own.


Update 4/14/11

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Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

Hello all.  The forums are not open yet.  I honestly did not have time to do it today because I had to go to the dentist and have also been fighting really bad dizzy spells are the result of a yet unknown cause.

But tomorrow seems like it should be a lot more clear and I should be able to get the forums done.  I do not have much to share today.  I got a lovely letter today.  I guess it is time for my yearly cancer check.  What fun!  I think I would rather go back to the dentist.

I did have something to talk about today however.  Nothing big really.  I was just reading an article about these people who built a new world record Lego tower.  You can read the article here.  But here is what bothers me.  You hear about these people that set these new records and hey good for them.  But I feel that if you are going to beat a world record you should really beat it.  These 6,000 people beat the Lego structure record by about 1 foot.  Really, only 1 foot?  If I was going to do that I would want to beat it by at least 10 feet.  But maybe that is just me.

Well on with today’s picture I suppose.  Keep an eye on that couch stuffing!

Time ot clean

Update 4/15/11

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Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

Can you believe this? Three days and three posts?  Well I just felt like sharing a little piece of myself today.  Well basically show you what type of person I am.  I have this joke I want to play but my fiance says “no”.  Let me tell you about it.

First I need to say that my family owns two snakes.  My son has a corn snake and I have a ball python.  Well currently we buy our frozen mice in boxes but are going to start buying them in bulk.  But that is besides the point.  The point is that right now each mouse we buy comes in this little ziplock bag that is mouse sized.  Or another place you may have seen these bags is in a movie or perhaps in real life and have seen illegal drugs sold in these bags.  Well anyways we tend to have a few of these bags sitting around now.  I find they are very handy to use for things such as small screws and stuff.  Yes, I recycle mouse body bags.

OK now you know the background.  Here is the joke I want to play.  It is not really meant to be a funny joke as more of a joke just to make someone say “WTF?”.  I want to take one of the mouse body bags and put some powdered sugar in it.  Then pin it to the cork board down by the apartment mail boxes.  Perhaps even with a little lost and found note saying “Please do not leave your drugs in the hallway where my child could find them.”.  I am not sure if I will do this or not, I think the part that would stop me is the fact that I would not be around to see their face.  Like I said, it is not meant to be really funny, just “wtf? funny”

Now on to the picture.  I have a fiance.  Since I am with a woman this means that the chances of me seeing the Twilight series is dramatically increased.  So I have in fact seen them.  Their “OK” I guess but I just do not understand peoples obsession with them.  I like one thing I heard about it. “Twilight, a story about one girls decision between bestiality and necrophilia.”  In twilight there are 2 main “hot” guys.  I just thought I would share a picture of “Jacob” for all you twilight fans.

Jacob during the off season.Now, pin that up on your wall.

Update 4/12/11

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Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

Wow, two posts in two days?  Can you believe that?  Well this post is going to be rather short.  I am posting this for two reasons.  First I would like to say that I think I should be opening the forums within the next day or two.  Also I am trying out some programing of the website.  I am writing this on Monday the 11th, however it should not go live until midnight on Tuesday the 12th.  I would like to see if this works properly.  So the only way I can do that is by writing a post.

But I suppose I should include a picture.  Now that spring is here and I think the snow is all over, it is pothole season.  I honestly almost got stuck in one yesterday that I ended up having to stop in before I made a turn.  But things could always be worse and this picture proves it.

Worlds worst pothole

Update 4/10/11

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Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

As always…or at least “as often” I find myself with very little to talk about.  No funny stories, no funny jokes come to mind….nothing.  However I felt like I should post something.  I honestly hopped to have the forums live by now but it is not quite ready yet.

I might have had more to write this weekend and got more work done.  But honestly I have not been feeling the best.  I will spare you the details of how I have been feeling this weekend.  But when going through some more pictures I came across one that describes it for me.

I dare you to get that image out of your head at any point today.  Have a great Monday!

Update 4/6/11

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Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

Hello loyal viewers!  Today was sooo much fun.  The front breaks on the car needed to be fixed.  It cost me $1499 to fix the breaks on the car!  Can you believe it cost me that amount?  Oh, sorry I forgot a decimal point.  Doing it myself cost me $14.99 to do the front breaks on both sides.  It was a pretty enjoyable afternoon.  We decided to wait until our son got home from school and then all three of us spent quite a while outside.  Our son played on the playground with a lot of other children and my fiance sat by the car and kept me company.

On a side note.  I am hopping to open the forums within the next few days.  Oh, and you should now see the website logo at the top of the screen.  What do you think of it?  Feel free to leave comments below in the comments section.

Now I think I am going to sit on the couch and relax my soar back while I watch some “Nip/Tuck” and eat some baked potatoes.

Update 3/31/11

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Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

Today was quite interesting.  Myself and my fiance went to an appointment with our son.  On our way home we were following a super duty type of pickup truck.  The car in front of the truck was stopped in the left lane of the hwy to turn left.  This was the same place that we needed to turn, so we started to slow down.  However the truck in front of us never hit the breaks and just creamed the car.  My fiance and I could not believe our eyes.  So we are left there in the left lane to turn left because the pickup truck pushed the car across 2 lanes of traffic to the road we were turning onto.  Well we have the 2 lanes of traffic coming towards us as well as the 1 lane going by us on the right.  I turned to my fiance and told her I had to get out of the car.  She told me “no” but I opened my door and ran across the traffic to get to the car.  I latter told her that I just had to make it over there as soon as I could to make sure the person who got hit was OK.  As it turns out, it was a young man who got hit and he was in fact OK.  His car was totaled as you will be able to see below.  The truck on the other hand had a dented quarter panel and bumper.  Well we had to get our son home to meet up with his grandpa to go out to their place for the weekend.  So I stayed behind at the scene since we both witnessed the crash.  Once the police showed up I gave my name, birthday and phone number and was told I could go on my way.  So now I am just waiting for the phone call from the police and insurance companies.  So that is all the news I have for tonight and the only picture your going to get tonight is a picture of the car that got hit.  I asked the owner if I could take a picture.

Car crash


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