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Update 5/28/11

Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Life update

Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Well I have nothing to really share tonight.  I realize that I rarely have anything to share.  But tonight I feel especially baron or ideas.  However it has been quite a few days since I updated so I figured I better post something.

I would like to write about something but I just do not know what to touch on tonight.  So I will just share the post picture with you.

I guess we can just assume this description was supposed to go with another show.  Otherwise I am am going to have to keep a much closer eye on what my child watches,

Update 5/23/11

Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Life update

Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Hello everyone.  I am sorry that I have not posted recently but I have a few excuses.  I have been sick since Saturday afternoon.  Now when I was younger like in my teens and 20’s I would get sick once in a while and I would be sick for what seemed like 24 hours exactly.  I would get very sick very suddenly and it would last 24 hours.  I would be fine by the same time on the next day.  Now I get much sicker for much longer, but I can not remember being this sick for this long in quite a while.  My temp has been over 100 since Saturday.  But I am starting to feel a bit better today.  When I get sick I almost always buy myself a jug of “Simply orange” high pulp orange juice.  I just seem to crave it when I get sick.  Well I got my juice today, so all is good.

My other excuse is that it has been more difficult for me to type recently because I have an entrapped nerve in my arm that is causing numbness in part of my left hand.   So this has been making it harder to type.  But I will be seeing a neurologist on Wednesday to start to figure out what the next step to fix it is.

Now I have a very short rant about something today.  I was filling out a form online today.  I am sure that if you are on the net then at some point you have filled out some sort of information form.  Well often on a form they with have certain fields marked with an astrix * and those areas are “required information”.  Well I was filling out a form today and almost all of the areas were required information.  Normally this would not be a big deal but one of the spots was for a cell number and this was required.  Ummm what if I do not have a cell.  I mean I know that now days everyone and their grandma has a cell.  But it so happens that I am one of the few people that do not have one.  So this “required information” really bothered me.  Lucky for me “555-555-5555” worked just fine.  Serves them right.


Well I think that is all I have for you today.  I know i have not posted a picture in a while.  So I better feed your need for laughter today.

A picture to make you move your neck

Update 5/19/11

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Laughmaster’s Blob (Big load of babble)

Well not much to share today but I thought I would post to tell you about a new hobby of mine.  I have been hanging out on craigslist a lot and have been responding to a few ads.  But not to buy something or anything like that.  More like to mess with people.  But that is not quite the right way to word it either.  But this gives you an idea.

I saw a posting that was titled “”Painter turtle w/tank and accessories””

I simply wrote to them and said “Wouldn’t that be a “Painted” turtle.  Unless your turtle is somehow very talented.”

Just a little something to maybe make them laugh perhaps.  But in this case they replied to me with “Get a life!”.  Well this is my life, you might not agree with it…..but this is it.


Now for the picture of the night.  I know that almost everyone out there has their “dream car” in their head.  Well I happen to have two.  The first would be a 1985 k5 blazer truck.  You may not know what this looks like but you will know my second one.  I want the delorean, the car from back to the future.  This car happens to be stainless steel basically from head to two.  Well I found someone with way too much time on their hands.  They managed to give their whole car a mirror finish.  This is someone who truely loves their car.

mirror polished delorean

Update 05/17/11

Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Site update

Laughmaster’s Blob (Big load of babble)

Check it out!!!  I told you there were some huge changes coming and here they are.  I think the site looks a lot more professional and more “humor” like.  I am sorry it took me so long to get this done but there was a lot of work involved in it.  I had a lot of code to edit and graphics to re-do.  As far as I know everything should be set now.  However if you see something that sticks out as something that does not look like it fits then please let me know.

On a side note I had a field trip this Monday with my son’s first grade class.  We went to the “Minnesota sea life aquarium” or “underwater world” as it was once called.  I had a great time.  I got quite a few pictures and a few videos, so we have something to help us remember the time.  i know this means nothing to any of you, but I felt like sharing it anyways.

Now I know that for the past 3 posts I believe I have not posted a funny picture to go with it.  Well tonight I am posting a picture, however it is not from my funny collection.  I hope you enjoy it however.

Loggerhead turtle

Update 5/15/11

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Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big load of babble)

Nothing too much to report tonight but I just had to share something that I just read.  I was looking at the pet section of and saw the following ad.

Looking for a good home for our kids pet guinea pig (Bugsy) Moved and unfortunately he does not fit here. He comes with extra food and bedding, cage, hut and large water bottle. He is very friendly, likes to be held. He has a mohawk. lol He is not spooked by cats or dogs. likes to run around his cage, would love to have a bigger one. $20 re-homing fee will apply

I was reading the ad to my fiance and when I got to the part where it says “unfortunately he does not fit here” I turned to my fiance and said “My god, he must be huge!”  LOL  OK maybe you have to have a real warped sense of humor like me, but to us it was pretty funny.  I realize that in the morning the ad will not seem nearly so funny.  I guess I will be quite embarrassed that I e-mailed these people.
Sorry, still no picture to share tonight.  I will try to make sure there is one on the next posting.

Update 5/12/11

Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Site update

Laughmaster’s BLOG (Big Load Of Babble)

Hello all.  I honestly was not going to post a blob tonight but something just told me I had to do it.  I do not have much to share today because I had other stuff going on so I was not able to work on the site today.  But like I said, the changes coming are HUGE! Incase you can not tell, I am very excited about this.  I think the site will look much more professional and more “humor” like.  Kind of hard to explain but if you are following the site then you should understand more once you see it.

Again I am not posting a picture.  But tonight I am sharing a news artical with you.  I will break it down incase you do not feel like reading the artical.  In 1975 someone had their 1969 Camaro stolen.  Well just recently someone bought this camero on e-bay.  They figured out it was stolen and it has been returned to the proper owner.  So about 36 years after it was stolen it was returned to the original owner.  It has been turned into a muscle car and is worth around $28,000.  Now i am not sure how much this car cost in 1968 but I am quite sure it was no where near 28k!  The person who it was returned to plans on selling it.  But I am sure this was quite a surprise for the owner.  It was yellow when stolen but is not black with a white stripe going down the middle.  This is one sweet looking car and worth checking out the article for.

Hope your all doing well and take care.

Update 5/10/11

Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Site update

Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble)

Just a short note to explain my absence and also why the site was down for so long today.  The reason I have not posted a blob lately is the fact that I was without internet for about a week.  I think that is all taken care of now and should not happen again.

Also if you tried to visit the site today you would have reached a maintenance page saying the site was down for upgrades.  Well that is exactly what is going on.  The site is about to have a  complete facelift and a new life.  On Wednesday the 11th the site will have a lot of down time too.  Perhaps as well as Thursday but I have not figured that out yet.  I am sorry it this proves to be a problem to anyone but the site must come down while it is being worked on because much of the code gets broken and unusable while I work on it.

There is no picture for you tonight because I need to head off to bed and I do not have the time to search through my pictures for a correct picture to post.  I will try to supply a lot more information on my post on the 11th.

Take care everyone,


Update 4/30/11

Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Site update

Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Just a quick note.  I know i have not wrote a blob in a few days I am sorry. I have been busy with life.  But i have been finishing sorting the pictures and also have started a complete overhaul of the site.  I believe this site will look much better and I know it will look comletely different.  It is my hope that everyone will like it but I guess we will wait and see,

Today with the picture I just want to point out how lazy some people are.  I mean, clean up the road before you paint the new lines for crying out loud.


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