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A Michigan man has paid a $1 Florida parking ticket

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ORLANDO, Fla. — A Michigan man has paid a $1 Florida parking ticket more than 35 years overdue.

Orlando police say they received Stanley Baker’s payment for a Nov. 7, 1975, parking ticket Tuesday. The 89-year-old Pentwater, Mich., man included a note reading, “Better late than never!”

Baker’s son, Fritz Baker, says his father found the ticket in a book bought at an Orlando garage sale in 1995. He says his father decided to pay the fine as a lark, even though it wasn’t issued to him.

Baker sent the $1 payment in the ticket’s original envelope. That got it delivered to a police department auditorium that was a night and traffic court in 1975. Orlando’s parking violations from 1975 have been destroyed.

A police spokesman says the department thought Baker’s payment was funny.


Update 6/28/11

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Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Well today I had a few people bring up the gray area of copyright law with the images that have been placed on this site.  I have added to this site.  I have placed the following disclaimer on the images index page and I would like to add it to an update and I will be placing it on the facebook page as well.  So here is the disclaimer.

*DISCLAIMER* Whenever possible credit is given to the original photographer of the picture used. If credit is not given then these images are being used under the fair use copyright law. If there is an image on this site that belongs to you or you know the original photographer then please let me know at and I will either remove the image at your request or give credit where credit is due.


That is all for the update of today.



Update 6/27/11

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Laughmaster’s blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Hello everyone.  I just thought I would write a blob and let everyone know what is going on.  I sent out a batch of messages to my friends and family on Facebook trying to get more people to “like” the facebook page.  So far I only have 3 likes. That is just sad.   But if you would like to “like” the page I believe this is the right link. If for some reason that link does not work then just search for “Laughsonthenet” and you should be able to find it that way.  I am still working on the joke pages.  I have been working pretty steady on them but I might just take the rest of the night off.  I really was pushing too hard when I had a date that I wanted the site live by and pushing myself that hard was just going to lead to sloppy work and cut corners.  Now that I have no date that it needs to be done by I can simply have the sloppy work but this time without the cut corners. 🙂

Well that is it for tonight.  Just wanted everyone to know I am still here and still working.  Oh But i did want to mention that coming up on July 6th I will be celebrating 10 wonderful years with the love of my life.  I would like to ask you all what you think of the gift I got her.  She is not the type to always be talking about diamonds or something.  But i decided to buy her 2 karat earrings anyways.

Image of 2 carrots turned into earrings.

Update 6/25/11

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Laughmaster’s blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Well I am now working on the jokes.  I have about 10,000 words worth of jokes.  I have not been keeping track yet as to how many jokes I have.  But I have been doing 2,000 words per page and I have 5 pages worth of jokes so far.  Also I have not even completed 2 categories worth of jokes yet.  I think the jokes pages are going to take a few weeks to complete.  I do not plan on having any of the joke pages live until they are completed.  If I go live with the pages now things could get messed up pretty bad as I try to change things as I go.  But remember that the picture section is done for now with over 5,000 images.  I will sigh with relief once all the pages are done and all I need to do daily is add to the site.  That will be a great time.  But I am such a perfectionist that  the day this site is completely done is probably way far off.  Well that is all I have to share with you.  But if you want to do me a great favor you get your friends and family to “like” on facebook.  Heck, you could do it too.

The link to the facebook page should be



Now on with the picture.  This time you get an animated picture.  Well more like a video picture.

Dog followed by a blowup gator


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Laughmaster’s blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Hello to all my faithful readers (both of them).  Oh of my readers brought something to my attention tonight.  It appears that if you Google my real life name the very first thing in Googles list is a link to my very own mug shot!  I was arrested a short time ago due to an unpaid ticket that we forgot about.  Well my mom (yes my mom reads this site, so what?) was Googleing people she knew for the fun of it I guess.  Well she found my mug shot.  I get an e-mail that just says “if you would have smiled for your mug shot it would have been cuter”  I just though that my readers might find this funny.  Oh and the 5th link down has the same information, just on a different site.

Today I have been working hard on the images area.  I made all the pages I currently need for the images.  Now comes the task of adding the images to each page.  The 10,000 images are turning out to be a lot more work then I had thought.  Why do i have to set such ridiculous goals?  I set the goal because I wanted to have more funny pictures then any site out there.  I think I could have done that with simply 5,000.  But I just have to showboat I guess and tryt o upload double that.

Well I have more work to do.  I am not going to upload a funny / strange picture for you today.  I think I have had my fill of it.

Update 6/22/11

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Laughmaster’s blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Well I am trying to setup the gallery for the site but it is proving to be a bit harder then I had first thought.  But I am trying to work my way through it.  I wanted to write tonight because I found something else that I just have to share with you all.  Some of you may have seen it, because it has over 1,900,000 hits on youtube.  But perhaps you have not seen it.  I hope that soon I will be able to tell you all that the pictures are live.  But that day has not come quite yet.  Hope you enjoy the video.  I am going to get going and work on the galleries some more.


Update 6/22/11

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Laughmaster’s blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Just a short update for you today.  I changed something on the site.  If you leave a comment on any of the posts on the site, there is no longer a spot to enter your website address.  I am hoping this will cut down on the spam dramatically.  This is about all I have to tell you today.  I need to take care of some household stuff and then I will work on uploading some pictures again to the site.

Oh not that it matters to you but tomorrow I need to go to the ATM to pull out some money.  Good thing I am 6′ 4″ because some of these ATMs are only built for tall people.

Image of really high up ATM

Update 6/20/11

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Laughmaster’s blob (Big Load Of Babble)

I was not going to write a blob today but I just have to share something with you.  There is a new taste sensation.  Deep fried Kool-aid!  Yeah you heard me right.  I guess this guy mixed kool-aid, water, flour and sugar and then deepfrys the batter that makes.  I have heard of deepfried butter, snickers and mars bars and my favorite the cheese curds.  I have actually requested when I know someone is going to the state fair here to bring me back an order of cheese curds.  I hope to try out these deepfried kool-aid some day.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

I also wanted to let everyone know that about 8,000 of the 10,000 images have been sorted and renamed.  I have also zipped them up into single files for each category and they are awaiting upload.  I was trying to upload them yesterday but I ran into a problem or two.  But that should be worked out very soon.  I am quite excited to have these live at last.

Oh there is something else I would like to share with everyone.  I added something called a favicon to the site.  It is a small image that would appear in your bookmarks next to the site name and also appears next to the web address in your web browsers address bar.  I chose to use the smile face that you see in the websites logo.  I hope you all like it.

Today I am not including a image.  Instead I am including the video about the deep fried kool-aid.  Like I said, leave your thoughts in the comments for this post.  You do not even need to sign up for anything to leave a comment.  Oh that does remind me of one thing.  I have been getting a lot of spam posts on the site.  There has been 583 comments left but i have only approved 138 of them.  I have to remove spam daily.  OK, on with the video. **Edit to add** I am happy to report I have a new coffee pot. A family friend actually bought it for me as a gift.


Update 6/19/11

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Laughmaster’s blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Well I have some very bad news to share with you all today.  Yesterday while making coffee I broke my coffee pot.  It was a very sad day in the household.  Well for me anyways.  I have decided something too.  I have decided to start uploading the pictures to the site.  I still have lots of sorting to do, but I can at least upload what I have sorted and renamed.  Well I have not really renamed any so far.  But that is simple enough with a renaming program.  So expect to hopefully start seeing the pictures showing up within the next week or so.  Well I think that is about it for today’s post.  I know it is pretty short, but it is fathers day and I have stuff today.  Oh and happy fathers day to any fathers who happen to be reading this.

Today I want to share a video with you that I saw posted on facebook.  If you happen to know the song “Dirty dancer” by Enrique then I hope you will enjoy this video parody.  I do not know the song myself, but I enjoyed the video enough to share it here.


Update 6/16/11

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Laughmaster’s blob (Big Load Of Babble)

OK I was not going to write a blob tonight but something happened.  You know how there are services out there that might test you or e-mail you the “word of the day”?  Where you are suppose to expand your vocabulary and use the word in conversation?  Well I do not need that.  I come up with my own words.

I was in the kitchen and saw a empty spice bottle.  I asked my fiance what was in it before but she could not remember.  I sniffed and then with a straight face I said without thinking “It smells *oniony*”.  So there you have it.  Everyone, the word of the day is “oniony”, pronounced onion-ee.

Now the picture of the night has to go along with the post right?  So how about just a picture of a giant onion.

Image of a giant onion


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