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Update 8/30/11

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Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble)

I already blobed last night but I had to share something with you this afternoon.  This is posted for all the parents that read my site.  I hope you enjoy.


Twas the night before school started, when all through the town, the parents were chearing.  It was a riotous sound!!  By 9, kids were washed & tucked into bed.Where memories of homework filled them with dread! New pencils, new folders, new notebooks too!New teachers, new friends.  Their anxiety grew! the PARENTS just giggled when they learned of this fright-and shouted to all GO TO BED!!!!  ITS A SCHOOL NIGHT!!!   Pass this on to all parents cause “ITS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!” 

Update 8/29/11

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Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Well it has been a lot longer then I wanted since my last update.  I have been a bit busy with personal stuff.  I have been working on a few things for the site too, but nothing to exciting.  But I would like to talk to you about something tonight.  Do you own a vacuum?  Well I hope so.  I happened to get another one about a week ago.  I have a problem with it though.  It has a headlight.  What is the real point to this?  I mean, do you vacuum in the dark?  Have you ever been using a vacuum without a headlight and thought to your self just how much you would use a headlight right then?  I highly doubt it.  Can anyone explain to me why they found it necessary to add a headlight to a vacuum?  I would love to hear from you on this matter.  I suppose that is all I know for now.  So I will share with you an animated picture that I do not think I have shared before.

Animated image of a frog failing at catching a insect

Update 8/20/11

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Laughmaster’s Blob (Big load of babble)

Well I suppose I have a few things to report today.  I will start with my computer.  I was able to purchase the part needed to fix my 22in monitor and I must say it is working like a charm and cost less then $40 to repair.  It has a blue line that goes from the top to the bottom on the left side and a green one of the right.  But they are very thin and you barely notice them after a while.

My 4 year old niece is over for about a week.   Her and my 7 year old son are driving us nuts.  But we took a walk up to a McDonalds to take advantage of their 40 cent ice cream cones.  On the way home my son found what we first thought was a caterpillar of some kind.  Once we were home I looked up information and foudn out it was a horn worm.  This worm was about 5 inches long and as big around as my thumb.  I am including a image i found online to give you an idea of what we found.

Image of a hornworm

The last thing I want to mention is that I am sorry that I have not been blobing more.  At this rate my mom will blog more often then I do.  That simply will not do.  So either my mom needs to blog less or I need to blob more.  Since there is no way I can talk her out of bloging then I guess I better get my butt moving to blob more.


Stay tuned for a surprise to come some time in the next week or something.  That is all I will say for now.

Now to warn you about todays video.  First off, you have to have the sound on to watch this.  Second is that you will think at one time that I posted a really disturbing video.  But please trust me when I say you will be smiling by the end no matter who you are.


1 Hour Of TV Could Shorten Your Lifespan: Study

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Would you just stand up already?

In the latest study to show that sitting is bad for you, British researchers found that for every hour you sit in front of the TV, you cut your life expectancy down by nearly 22 minutes — the same effect as smoking two cigarettes.

And watching TV for six hours a day can cut your life expectancy down by five years, University of Queensland researchers said.

The average American age 15 and older spends about 2.7 hours a day watching TV, according to 2010 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, in 2009, the ratings company Nielsen released figures that showed that Americans spend an average of 4 hours and 49 minutes watching TV a day.

TV-watching is considered sedentary behavior, known to increase the risk of death from heart attack or stroke. The Australian researchers found that engaging in sedentary behavior by watching a lot of TV could have as big of an impact on health as smoking and not exercising.

To come to this conclusion, researchers analyzed the TV-watching habits and risk factors for chronic diseases of 11,000 people ages 25 and older who participated in the Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study. Then, they compared that data with the 2008 estimate that Australians 25 and older spend an estimated 9.8 billion hours watching TV, which is linked with 286,000 fewer years of life. The study was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

“While smoking rates are declining, watching TV is not, which has implications at a population level,” study researcher Dr. Lennert Veerman told The Guardian.

Past research also shows that watching too much TV can kill you. A Harvard review published earlier in the year in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that watching two hours of TV a day can bump up the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 20 percent, the risk of heart disease by 15 percent and the risk of early death by 13 percent.

Original article source:

Update 8/16/11

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Laughmaster’s blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Well I have several things to let you know about today.  First off, it is “national tell a joke day”.  It is not a government supported holiday, but kind of an unofficial one I guess.  I just heard about it today or I would have let you know ahead of time.

Something funny happened to me yesterday.  I had to call UPS delivery to try to reschedule a delivery to a different address.  Well of course when you call you are connected with their automated system from hell.   Well I wanted to speak to a live operator so I started saying all sorts of stuff to the automated system.  I started with a profanity that I will not repeat here, then said “operator” and neither of those things got me to the operator.  I tell said “Bull poop” except I did not use the word “poop” if you get my drift.  The system replied with “one moment while I get you an operator”.  I found this to be quite funny.  I asked for bull poop and that is exactly what I ended up getting.  They try to charge you $6 just to change the address of a delivery.  I only wanted to change it to a different apartment in the same building.  But I ended up having to rearrange my day to make sure someone would be home all day just to get the package.  But I am happy to report that the package arrived at about 12:30 and then I was able to go on my merry little way.

Oh, one other thing to report.  I have sold my first bumper sticker designed for  It was a simple bumper sticker with the statement “Work is for people who don’t know how to fish.” .  Not the funniest one I have so far but I am very happy it sold without even any advertisement.

Well I believe that is all I have to report today.  Now on with todays funny picture.

Image of a fat cat with the saying "eating the fishie good. Eating the whole bowl not so good.

Update 8/12/11

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Laughmaster’s blob (Big Load of babble)

Again I find myself behind in my blogging. Or Blobing as I like to call it.  But the problem is that I have nothing to blob about.  My luck has been really good lately I suppose.  I won a raffle for a fountain, someone gave me a $300+ metal detector for nothing.  I decided to buy a lottery ticket.  You should have felt my heart when the first 2 numbers matched.  But that  was as far as it went.

I would say that I will try to blob more, and perhaps I will.  But for now I will simply say that I will try to try harder.



Update 8/8/11

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Laughmaster’s blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Hello again all.  Not too much to report today but I thought you all deserved a blob.  Did I tell you that I have finished the “a”s in the latest list of bumper sticker quotes I am working on?  Well now I need to start on the “b”s, but I took a day or 2 to myself because it can be quite the task to “design” all these bumper stickers.  Then the thought keeps going through my head that once I am all done I need to start all over with the mugs and then the shirts.  Forgive me if I have told you all this before, my brain has been kinda mushy lately.

Oh I do have one personal thing to talk about today.  I have been having some swelling and pain in my right hand.  I looked up the specific symptoms I have been having on Google and all the stuff that came up listed carpal tunnel syndrome.   I was not too happy when I saw that.  If the pain and swelling does not go away within about 2 days I will go into the doctor.  Not that any of you really care.  But thought I would at least write about something tonight.  But if anyone out there has experience with this then please let me know, I would like to talk to you.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a problem with nerves and I have already problems with some of the nerves in my body so this would not surprise me one bit.

Now for the picture I hope I have not shared this with you before.  But I came across this a while back and I feel like sharing it tonight.  I can remember having one of these when I was a kid.  I do not remember if he made noise.  But you would put a coin in his hand,  he would then raise his hand and the coin would go in his mouth and down to his “stomach”.  Then he would lick his lips.  Anyone else out there have one of these when you were younger?  I have no idea where mine went, but for some reason I miss him.

Image of robie the robot piggy bank

Update 8/5/11

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Laughmaster’s blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Well hello there.  I know it has been a few days since I entered a new blob.  I have been busy with life and also with some things for the site.  I have been working on adding more bumper stickers to the store.  Yes I know you do not even know where this store is.  But I want to add as much as I can before I go live with it.  I have started on the list of 2500 quotes for bumper stickers.  I think that will take approximately…….forever.

Tonight I leave you with words of advice instead of an image.

Alcohol and calculus don’t mix. Never drink and derive. 


Update 8/1/11

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Laughmaster’s blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Well again I have a really short blob for you.  I had to share a funny video with you all.  Maybe not the funniest thing you ever saw, but I thought it was worth sharing.  I will go ahead and just get on with the video and that will be all.  Oh I forgot, August 2nd is my birthday so feel free to “donate” to the site for my birthday.  There is a donate button on here.



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