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Update 10/26/11

Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Life update

Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Well todays update is late.  But better late then never.  My life has been busy.  But that is the way things go when you have a 7 year old son.  But enough about my life.  I am here to update you on the site.  I know I have not started advertising gear yet on this site but I have sold a few things.  But I wanted to point out something that is just sad.  I sold a $21 shirt the other day.  Want to know what my cut of the profits were?  I think it was around $0.40.  Less then one freaking dollar for a $21 shirt?  That is just nuts.  But when you are in the situation like I am, you do not have a lot of options.   But here I am rambling about stuff you do not care about.  I will post a few pictures and that will be all for today.  Sorry the update is late but I hope to schedule some time to start working on this site daily again.  That does not mean there will be daily updates, just daily improvements.


Adam Savage from Myth Busters TV show

Here is a image i found funny. It is Adam Savage from the show "Myth Busters" The clay bunny he made happens to be plastic explosives.

Big rig truck with a toy truck on the trailer.

Gotta love a truck driver with a sence of humor. YOu will see a toy tonka truck tied down on his trailer. Not the first time I have seen this and I am sure it will not be the last.


Truck with rocket ballons tied to it.

Here is a fun joke to play. Hook up these rocket shaped balloons to your car and drive down the highway. It will look like they are heat seekers or something.



Well that is all for the blob tonight.  It is about 1 1/2 hours past my normal bed time and I need to be up in less then about 7 hours.  So I better get running.  If you ever see anything on this site that you think could use improving, then please let me know.  I would love for this site to be as big as those huge humor sites out there.  But I would be happy if it just getts to the point where it is paying for its own hosting.   Take care everyone.


Update 10/16/11

Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Site update

Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Well here I am again.  I think I am liking this weekly posting, instead of trying to get something out every other day.  The reason for this is because I would not get stuff out when I wanted to and that made me feel like a failure and if I was failing then that made me not want to work on it at all.   Doing this weekly allows me to feel like I am still sticking to what I said I would do.

Now on to the meat of the post.  I honestly do not have anything too funny to share this week.  I remember something funny happened and I said I needed to blob about it, but darn if I can remember what it was now.  (Note to self: write notes).  So this week I have decided to share several pictures instead of the normal “one picture”.


Image of several dozen coins balanced on thier sides

First off. Some people have way too much time on their hands. All of these coins are balanced on their sides. Try doing that with just one coin and you should have an idea about how long this took.


My wife says it is my turn to clean the fridge. Well, we will see who can hold out longer.



What can I really say about this one?




Update 10/09/11

Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Site update

Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Well here is the first in what should become a weekly installment of the blob.  I am not too sure what to say really but I wanted to make sure this got out.  I do have a really good picture to share this week I think.   So for now I think I will just post the picture and see if I can get something else funnier up later this week. …..Oh I just realized that I am trying to keep this site family friendly.  Well if your old enough to get this joke then that is fine.  If your too young then you will not get it anyways.  Hope I do not offend anyone.  Just remember it is meant to be funny.

Picture of the food look alike game.


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