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Update 12/27/2011

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Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble)


Hello all.  I hope everyone has had a happy and save holiday season.   Not sure what all to tell you about today.  But I thought the site deserved an update.  This past month has been the busiest month for this site.  We have had more visitors this month then any other month.  Also, when I say this has been the busiest month I mean it has been like triple the traffic of any other month.  I just hope this has not just been an increase in spammers.  I know they are still as strong as ever and I am constantly deleting spam from the comments section of the site.

I have been staying very busy over this holiday season being close with family as we morn the loss of my mother in-law on  12/19/2011.

When I have not been with family I have also been busy making products for the laughsonthenet store.  I have posted over 1,000 bumper stickers as well as other products such as t-shirts and mugs.  You can see all these products at the following link.   I am still trying to post at least 25 new products per day and often blast that goal out of the water by publishing much more then that.


Today for the funny images I give you one animated image and a short video image.  I hope you enjoy both.

Lion king short video

Short video of someone trying to take a womans purse

Update 12/19/11

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Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Hello all.  I know this update is late.  I am supposed to have these up for Monday mornings.  But with my mother inlaw being sick and fighting cancer I have just had too much on my plate to concentrate enough to get everything done on time.  I do have some sad news to share tonight.  At approx 11:30am CST my mother inlaw lost her fight with cancer.  The world lost a great woman, a wonderful grandma and terrific friend to many. Rest in peace Grandma, Mom, Betty.


I am not going to share any pictures today.  Sorry about that.  But I did want to note that as of the time of this posting you still have 19 hours to purchase merchandise and still have it in time for the holidays.  That is not just gear with logos, but also t-shirts, bumper stickers and mugs with funny sayings and quotes.  The store is far from done but I am adding 25+ products per day and there is already over 1,000 products to chose from.  Also you can use code “fastshipsale” to get %50 off 2-day shipping costs.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Christmas for the kids

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This is really off track for this website but it is so good that I have to share it.  You can create a personal video message from Santa for your child.  Santa will tell your child a little bit about what he is up to this year, call your child by name and also mention something that he knows your child wants this year.  I could keep talking about it but you just really need to check it out.  I am not associated with this site and am not earning anything for posting this.  Just want as many kids as possible to experience this.  I have done it for my child the past 2 years and he loves it. 

Update 12/11/11

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Blob (Big Load Of Babble) 12/11/11

Hello all.  I thought you all deserved an update today.  Not a whole lot to share but there is one thing I wanted to touch on today.  I have been working on designing some t-shirts, bumper sticker, mugs and more to sell on-line.  I have not really advertised this fact at all but am almost to the point where I am making at least one sale per day every day.  Most of my sales right now are bumper stickers, but then again most of my products are bumper stickers.

So here is my first advertisement for the store.  In the future I plan on integrating it into this website so you never have to leave

Dual core apple


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