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Site update 11/29/12

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Hello all.  This post is going to be very short and to the point today.  I just wanted everyone to know that you will now start seeing ads on the site.  If you see something you are truly interested in then feel free to click an ad.  However please do not simply click the ads to “help me out”.  Advertisers look very badly at worthless clicks and if they suspect your trying to cheat the system they can cancel the ads at any time.  I would not want this to happen.  So just remember what I said here today.

Laughmaster’s BLOB 11/26/12

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Laughmaster’s BLOB (Big Load Of Babble) for 11/26/12

Hello again all.  I really wish I had some great news to share with everyone but I can not think of anything.  I feel like week after week I come on here and have nothing to share and just write a little babble and then post some pictures.  Perhaps that is why I was having a problem writing BLOBs to for a while.  I guess maybe I should get moving and do something great for the site and then I will have something to share.  But until that happens I guess I have no choice but to babble a little and then post some pictures.  But the good thing is that this week there is a theme to the pictures.  I figure I have tons of funny news stories on here, why not some funny TV news screen captures?  I hope you all enjoy.


Laughmaster’s BLOB 11/20/12

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Laughmaster’s B.L.O.B. for 11/20/12

I just wanted to let everyone know I am sorry for not posting a blob on Monday.  I know that if I want this site to go anywhere then I need to make sure I am posting on a regular bases.  Like I said, I am working on getting back into the swing of things.  Sunday (they day I normally post Mondays post) just seemed to sneak past me this weekend.  Not sure why, it was just gone before I knew it.  So I am still trying to get back into the point where I am updating this site at least once per week.  But I have also been updating the facebook page at least once per day normally.  It is normally just one picture, but at least it is daily.  the facebook page is

Laughmaster’s BLOB 11/11/12

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Laughmaster’s B.L.O.B. (Big Load Of Babble) for 11/11/12

Hello again all.  I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween holiday.  Myself, my wife, son, neighbor and her daughter all went out together this year.  I think it is much more enjoyable for a child to be able to go with someone else.  Only problem is that when my son puts on his costume and heads out on Halloween he always forgets to bring his listening skills.  But sometimes you have to just pick your battles with your children.  That is not what this blob is about though.  This is supposed to be a humor based blob.  Oh that reminds me of something though that is related to to my son.  My wife, son and I were at a doctors appointment for my wife.  Due to the fact that this was not a normal doctors appointment our son was not able to go back to to room with Mama and therefor neither was I.  I was tired as could be for some reason so I was half asleep in the lobby seat with our son played.  He found a “Mr.Potatoe head” setup.  He grabbed one of the arms and walked over to me and said “Daddy, need a hand?”  I knew I was raising him right with the right sense of humor too.  It was just too good.


I know that I need to start adding jokes and some funny news stories to the Blob.  But as I get back into the swing of things it will come with time.  So here are a few pictures to hold you over until next week.  But before I get to that I would like to let everyone know that I am trying to make it a point to post at least one new image on the Facebook fan page every single day.  It is often more then one and the posting time is always random.  So if you have not “liked”” on Facebook then you should today.  Oh and I am always looking for people to submit their own pictures, jokes and stories for the blob of fanpage.


Halloween theme pictures tonight, even though I know I am late on them.

Not quite Halloween, but still a really cool fall leaf.

I know who they are supposed to be, can anyone else name them?

Got some pumpkins that started to rot before they could be carved? Well parts could still be saved.,


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