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B.L.O.B. 9/25/14

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Hello all.  Not much to talk about today but thought i should add some pics.  I have thousands on my computer just waiting to be shared.  I am a bit of a picture horder I suppose.  But at least in this case I do not have like hundreds of boxes laying around my house or something, it is a neat tidy horde or stuff.

Image of a cow laying on the hood of a car.

The snow is going to be flying soon. Remember to check your car for animals seeking warmth.

Febreze logo with the caption "Give your house that freshly laundered garbage smell."

Whenever I use the air freshener can in the bathroom I always joke that is smells like a bear just pooed in a flowerbed.


Image of a angry cat with the caption "What do you mean we are out of coffee?"

I try to make sure this never happens.

A bag of what kind of looks like pork rinds that is from another county and it says "Only puke" as a name.

Uhhh….no thank you.


A cat that looks sort of like a zombie and it is say "Brains......or tuna...tuna would be fine.

The walking dead ….cats edition?


Posted by: laughmaster  /  Category: Uncategorized

Wow as always I feel so bad for not posting. I have so many pictures to add(like thousands more). This site is always on my mind and I really need figure how to set aside the time to work on the site.  So just a note to say I am still wanting to work on this site and have not given up.  Hope to write more soon.


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