B.L.O.B 3/5/15

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B.L.O.B. (Big Load Of Babble) 3/5/15

Well here I am again.  Not going to post much right now.  Just wanted to say that again I am looking into try to actually develop this site.  I know I saw this like every couple of months and the same old stuff happens where I barely update or post.  Well here is to hopping things are different this time.  But in the meantime here are a couple of new pictures for your giggles.

Car covered in realtree camo.

My 10 year old son loves camo and I could so easily see him driving something like this one day.

Magazine cover missing coma's in the text.

Coma’s can save lives.

Image of a croc footware in the water with the text  "Crikey, look at the size of that crock.

Funny how at one time it seemed liking everyone had a pair of these and people would say stuff like “you don’t have a pair ?” Now they say “You still have a pair?”

I never thought I'd be the type of person who would get up early in the morning to exercise.  I was right.

I really need to get out and walk or something, maybe once it is warmer. But I have never ever been a runner.


Bow of animal bones and the bones of a human hand, apparently found at a garage sale.

I guess this was seen at a garage sale. I see a few animal heads and stuff. I could see interest in this as decoration or scince for kids or something. But what got me was when I saw the human hand in the lower right corner of the box.


I do not think they thought this though enough in the design department. You have to take into account the sick minded people out there….like me.




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