Well last night I was laying in bed and to be honest, this site is about all I can think of while trying to go to sleep.  I basically lay there planing my battle plan for the next day, about what I am going to work on or going to complete the next day.

I was thinking last night about what I already plan on including on the site and if there was anything else I thought should be included.  Well I know that when I find a site I really like I often would like to know more about the author of the site and what makes that person want to produce the site they made.  So I decided to include that information on my site in case anyone out there is interested.

Then I was trying to think of a entertaining way of writing the information so it is not too boring.  Well I decided to write it like it is an interview.  So you will see this laid out with “Interviewer” and “Laughmaster”.  Of course the “interviewer” in this case is imaginary and “Laughmaster” is of course me.  I hope you enjoy this page and please feel free to leave any comments in the comments section at the bottom of the page.  If you have a question for me that I did not cover then enter that in the comments section as well and I will add it in.

Interviewer: First tell me a little bit about yourself.

Laughmaster: Well I am a 32 year old stay at home dad to a 6 year old son.  I live with my fiance and my son in Minnesota.  I have lived in Minnesota my whole life except for about 1 year spent in Florida when I was 10.  I enjoy animals, humor, spending time with the family and pretty much anything outdoors when it is not winter and everything is frozen.

Interviewer: When did you decide to make laughsonthenet.com?

Laughmaster: The idea first came to me in late December 2010.

Interviewer: What gave you the idea to make the site?

Laughmaster: Well I spend a lot of time on the internet during the day.  Perhaps too much, but that is up for debate.  Well anyways I had been spending a lot of time recently on humor based websites.  I noticed something.  There were websites mostly dedicated to jokes or videos or pictures or weird news stories.  But what I was not really finding were sites that brought all of those elements together in one location.  One site I thought came kinda close was collegehumor.com.  But a lot of their “funny pictures” and “funny videos” seemed to be centered around  half naked and drunk college girls.

So I decided that since I could not find any sites that seemed to contain everything I was looking for in one location, I would make my own.

Interviewer: Is this your first time publishing a web site?

Laughmaster: Oh my, no.  The first site I made was hosted on a free web host over at tripod.com it was based around funny sound clips I took off of TV shows and movies.  It was called “wild wavs” it was before MP3 files were around so the main form of sound effects were “.wav” files.  Unfortunately that site is long gone.  

Interviewer: So are you some sort of big web publishing geek?

Laughmaster: I suppose it depends on who you ask.  There are many many people out there that are much much better at web publishing then I am.  But I do enjoy doing this.

Interviewer: So if you’re not a web publishing geek then are you just a geek in general and using some sort of supercomputer at home to do all of this?

Laughmaster: Well my computer is far from super.  It is about 5 years old and getting close to end of its life to be honest.  I did however build it myself and have built quite a few computers in my time really.  So if you want to call me a geek I suppose that will be OK.

Interviewer: Are you trying to accomplish anything specific with this site?

Laughmaster: Yes.  I hope to earn enough money from advertisements to be able to move to some warm location and start web publishing while laying on a beach.  But in reality I would be happy if this site earns enough money to support itself.  In other words pay for the hosting.  Also I love to make people laugh and I am really hoping that I will be able to bring a little happiness to someones otherwise dreadful day that they might be having.

Interviewer: Would you consider this site to be family friendly?

Laughmaster: Yes and no.  I do have rules in place to try to keep the site as free of offensive material as possible.  However there is some material on the site that is still more adult oriented.  So I am not too worried about younger kids seeing the site but I guess if I had to rate it I would say PG-13.

Interviewer: I think I only have one more question for you.  What is with the nickname “laughmaster”?

Laughmaster: Every good superhero has their secret  identity and “laughmaster” is mine I suppose.  I guess it just allows for a little anonymity on the net.

Interviewer: Well I suppose that is it for now.  Is there anything else you wanted to mention before I let you go?

Laughmaster: Yeah there is.  Why do people always say they found something in the last place they looked?  I mean of course it was the last place they looked, because they found it.  Otherwise they would have continued to look after they already found what they were looking for.  I think the next time I lose something I am going to continue to look for it for like 5 min. after I find it.  That way I can say I found it in the 2nd to last place I looked or something like that.

Interviewer:……………….I see.  Well thank you for your time.  If anyone has any questions that were not covered in this interview then e-mail them in or better yet, leave them in the comment section below and they will be added to the interview.


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