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Update 6/11/13

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BLOB (Big Load Of Babble) for 6/11/13

Hello again everyone.  I do not even know where to begin to say how sorry I am about being this far behind on updates.  I honestly feel so bad about that.  I know that there is nobody out there at this point relying on my posts or anything.  It is not that I have forgotten about this site or anything.  I just seem to have a hard time finding the time to post on here.  Then I feel farther and farther behind on posts.  I did however not know I was this far behind.  That is just sad.  I have been thinking about a way to find the time again to post but then I was worried about what the heck I would say in the Blob’s and how I would explain where I have been during this time.  But there is no point in worrying about what people will think.  Other then just general life chaos I can not tell you much.  So here I am again trying to make an effort to post.  I do not think I am adding any pictures with this post.  But now that I made this post, perhaps it will motivate me to do more for this site.  I have believed for quite some time that this site could be huge and grand if I just give it the attention that it needs.

Oh on a slight side note.  I now have a free used laptop.  So maybe being able to work on this site on the laptop will help me post more often.

Laughmaster’s B.L.O.B. 10/8/12

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Laughmaster’s B.L.O.B. 10/8/12

I just wanted you all to know I have not forgotten about this site.  I know it is way over due for a update and more pictures and jokes.  This is just a quick update for now to let you know it is coming.  I have been dealing with some health problems as well as my wifes health problems.  But everything is starting to settle  down.  Also I now have a smart phone and a new kindle fire hd.  So I will not only have the computer to work on but I will be able to blob with these 2 new devices too.  So I think this will help me keep up on things.  Plus my memory is just horrible and with the smart phone I now have a reminder set for every Sunday to write the Blob.  So there is no pictures today or jokes with this post.  Just wanted to let everyone know this site is far from dead.  It has simply been hibernating for a short time.  But my plan is for it to come back better then ever, lord knows I have a ton of pictures I have been downloading for the site.  I would love for people to start submitting pictures too.  Or even if you know of a website I should check out to “borrow” images from I would love to hear about those too.  I will only do that if the pictures are not copyrighted, just keep that in mind.

Laughmaster’s BLOB 5/28/12

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Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble) for 5/28/12

Hello all and happy memorial day!  I meant to have this written last night but got side tracked.  Well what really happened is my son went to my parents for the weekend and when that happens I am used to him coming home on Sunday but this time he came home on a Monday so it threw my internal clock out.

Not sure what to write tonight.  I hope that everyone had a safe holiday.  I was out today and I saw a large column of smoke going up into the air.  So the person I was with decided to track it down and find out what was going on.  Turns out there was an explosion in a paper mill one city away from us.  I just checked the news on-line and there are 5 injured and 1 dead from the accident.  I have heard a few rumors going around as to what caused the explosion and also have my own theory.  But since no details have been released about this yet, I do not want to feed into the rumors on here tonight.

Oh I suppose I do have some news about my personal life tonight.  I was outside chatting with a neighbor and one of her kids came over and said a baby bird had fallen out of a tree.  Well we went and checked it out and it appears to be a common swallow.  I put on some rubber gloves and picked up the bird and placed it back into the nest.  We kept and eye on things and the little bugger jumped out again.  So since this was obviously not going to work out we ended up taking the little bird in.  We tried this with some barn swallows last year after someone knocked down their nest.  It took a few days of force feeding the barn swallows until they took the food willingly.  Well this little guy has adopted me already.  It took one force feeding and not he takes the food right off the paint brush.  I know that some people that read this will think that we should have just let nature take its course but we are the type of people that can not do that.  So for a while I better get used to feeding “Thumper” every 2 hours.  It is like having a baby again.  Oh and in case your wondering about the name.  When he first came inside our place I still needed to wash the bird cage and I also had to go to the store.  So the bird was placed in a box with a lid on it with a small window for air.  He kept jumping at the top of the box making a thumping noise.  We went through a few different names but settled on “Thumper”.  Now for some pictures to get you through your Monday.



Laughmaster’s Blob 4/12/12

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Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Hello again all.  First I wanted to wish everyone a happy Friday the 13th!  Yes this Friday is the 13th.  Hope you enjoy it.  But what I was really writing about was something that happened to me today.  As some of you know, I have an 8 year old son.  Well tonight I realized I was a father.   This thought came to me because I was searching our place for a pair of scissors and all I could find were safety scissors.  They still got my peanut butter cups open, but it was funny.  OK that is all for now.  No pictures tonight.  Sorry, but I am a bit busy watching the TV show “Chuck”.

Update 1/31/12

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Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble) for 1/31/12

I honestly do not have much to share today but felt the urge to write an update anyways.  I am currently working on editing and organizing a list of directories the site is going to be submitted to soon.  Well not too soon since there are a few thousand sites in the list.  So it will take some time.  But I hope to have the organizing done within a day or two from now and then should be submitting to about 25 sites per day.  I suppose you do not really need to know all of this.  But I like to keep you updated anyways.  I would also like to start adding a video section to the site.  But there is just way too much on my plate right now to try to even think about how to work in a video section.  Plus then you really have to watch what you post so you do not violate any copyright laws.  Ugggghhhh just too much work to do for the site and never enough time.  Well I suppose I have babbled enough for this Blob.  No pictures or anything this time but I will try to post some new material very soon.  Thank you for stopping by and sticking with the site during this time of ever expanding and unending work.

Update 12/19/11

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Laughmaster’s Blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Hello all.  I know this update is late.  I am supposed to have these up for Monday mornings.  But with my mother inlaw being sick and fighting cancer I have just had too much on my plate to concentrate enough to get everything done on time.  I do have some sad news to share tonight.  At approx 11:30am CST my mother inlaw lost her fight with cancer.  The world lost a great woman, a wonderful grandma and terrific friend to many. Rest in peace Grandma, Mom, Betty.


I am not going to share any pictures today.  Sorry about that.  But I did want to note that as of the time of this posting you still have 19 hours to purchase merchandise and still have it in time for the holidays.  That is not just gear with logos, but also t-shirts, bumper stickers and mugs with funny sayings and quotes.  The store is far from done but I am adding 25+ products per day and there is already over 1,000 products to chose from.  Also you can use code “fastshipsale” to get %50 off 2-day shipping costs.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Update 12/11/11

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Blob (Big Load Of Babble) 12/11/11

Hello all.  I thought you all deserved an update today.  Not a whole lot to share but there is one thing I wanted to touch on today.  I have been working on designing some t-shirts, bumper sticker, mugs and more to sell on-line.  I have not really advertised this fact at all but am almost to the point where I am making at least one sale per day every day.  Most of my sales right now are bumper stickers, but then again most of my products are bumper stickers.

So here is my first advertisement for the store.  In the future I plan on integrating it into this website so you never have to leave

Dual core apple

Update 11/28/11

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Blob (Big Load Of Babble)

Well I have good news and bad news for you all today.  The good news is that I am selling the site for $125,000.  Not bad for a blog that is just a little under a year old.  Now for the bad news.  Nobody in their right mind would pay $125,000 for this site.  So I am still looking for someone that is not in their right mind.  There are plenty of people out there like that, so no worries there.  Again I would like to say that I am sorry to all my readers (both of them) that I have not been updating this site as often as I should.  But with my mother in-law being sick I honestly just have not felt motivated to work on the site.  I also have a few on-line side projects that I have been trying to work on but that has been going nowhere as well.   But hopefully I am now fully dedicated to the site again.  I will be trying my best.  But I need to warn you, sometimes my best sucks.  OK time to include some pictures to make up for the time I was gone.  I hope you enjoy.


Image of 2 people in jail talking

Court case image

Image of someone who made a little person using chicken bones from KFC

Turkey day

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Well I should be back in the swing of posting soon.  But I came across a picture today and thought I should share it with you all.

Turkey day picture

Happy thanksgiving everyone!


Update 10/17/11

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Laughmaster’s blob (Big Load of Babble)

Guess what.  I am still here!  I know i have not posted a blob in a while and I am sorry.  But things have been crazy busy.  My mother inlaw has been diagnosed with cancer.  So I it may be a while before I post another blob and get back in tthing like the swing of things.  But I wanted to let everyone know I have not forgoten about the site or anything like that.  I will be back as soon as I can.


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