Site rules has certain rules that all members must follow.  Repeated violations of the rules will result in members receiving a temporary ban.  If a member continues to not follow the rules after a temporary ban, the member will be permanently banned.  When a member is banned they will still be able to browse the site and see all content.  However they will not be able to submit their own material, vote on material posted or post on the forums.  The rules are as follows.  These rules apply to everything posted on this site including videos, pictures, jokes and anything posted in the forums.

-Nothing racist

-No fat jokes (I think “your mama” jokes will be OK)

-No jokes about a persons religion that puts the religion down

-No jokes about rape

-No jokes that put down someone with physical or mental handicaps.

-Photoshopped images will be limited without permission from the person who did the work.

-Hand drawn or computer drawn cartoon images will also be limited without permission from the original artist.

-No posting of copyright material without permission from the copyright holder.

These rules are subject to change without warning or notice, so make sure to review them often.   Also the administrator of the site and all moderators of the forum reserve the right to remove or edit any type of material or comments posted on the site by its members.

If you have any questions about these rules or feel something should be added then please e-mail us at


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