Weird news stories

Here is where you find over 100 weird news stories from around the web. Many of these stories may be strange and hard to believe, but I do my best to research each story and only collect stories from reputable news organizations.

I would like to note that I did not write any of the stories posted.  I simply spent a lot of time online collecting the stories and brought them to one central location for your enjoyment.  A link to the article at its original location is supplied at the end of each story, and the stories are posted on this site in their original form and are not edited in any way by me even if there are spelling or grammar errors.  The only editing I may do to the stories is to possibly leave out a picture included with the story, but that is part of the reason I supply a link to the original story.

Also to be honest, this area of the site is not quite setup the way I want.  But I feel it will do nicely for a short time while I concentrate on getting the rest of this site up and running by the Feb. 1st release date.

And one more quick note before you get to the stories.  If at the end of any of the stories you see something that says “Laughmaster note:” then that means that I added some sort of comment after that about the story, since I am known as “Laughmaster”.  Enjoy the stories, please feel free to leave comments about them in the comments area following each story.  If you know of any weird news going on then please send it in so I can post it.  You may send a copy of the story to me or just a link to the original story.  But I do need the link to be able to give credit to you and also the agency that wrote the story.  I will not post a story without a link to where it came from.  You may submit your stories to me by e-mailing me at  At a later time I will create a submission page to simplify the process.

Weird news stories


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